Activities to do and places to visit in the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala

During the rainy season, is very difficult to do all the activities we want, but that doesn’t mean you can not do other activities, here we suggest some tours you can do in closed places, we invite you to read this article we have done thinking about you entitled “Activities to do and places to visit during the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala“.


ChocoMuseo en Antigua Guatemala_Around Antigua Guatemala

It is located 1.5 blocks away from the main square of this beautiful city, in the 4ta. Calle Oriente No. 14. After traveling around the Antigua Guatemala, in a cultural tour, visiting the ruins and churches located in this area, ChocoMuseo becomes a perfect stop to relax on its courtyard. You will be greeted by the best teachers in here you can make the chocolate workshop of two hours. You will learn about cocoa and chocolate, as well as the production process and the history of cocoa from the Mayans, over 1000 years ago, they will teach you to make your own chocolate from bean to the bar.

Coffee Tasting:

Cata de Café en una Finca de Café_Around Antigua Guatemala

This session in Antigua Guatemala is ideal for those passionate about the coffee that want to learn or deepen their knowledge in tasting of this aromatic grain. The session takes place in the tasting laboratory of the coffee plantation, equipped with all the necessary utensils for the participant knows the general classification of the coffee roasting process and preparation. You will learn about the types of defects and mainly the grain characteristics such as fragrance, aroma, flavor, acidity and aftertaste.The session ends sipping a cup of the best coffee, genuine of Antigua Guatemala produced on the farm, you can try it in the preparation of your choice: American or espresso. You can choose the time for the tour: 9:00 a.m., 11 a.m. or 2pm.

Museums at Casa Santo Domingo:

Museos de Casa Santo Domingo - Museo Arqueológico_Around Antigua Guatemala

The walk of the Museums of Casa Santo Domingo, Antigua Guatemala is a cultural route established under an agreement between the University of San Carlos of Guatemala and the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo. This route makes it possible to visit the museums that were installed in the church and Convent of Santo Domingo and the College of Santo Tomás de Aquino, places that during the period of Spanish domination were a single unit.

Museos de Casa Santo Domingo_Around Antigua Guatemala2

Museum, House of the old tissue:

Casa del Tejido Antiguo en Antigua Guatemala_Around_Antigua_Guatemala

It is located on the 1era Calle Poniente # 51, a short walk from the ruins of Convento San Jerónimo, opened in the city of Antigua Guatemala on March 14, 1998, with the satisfaction of being the only place in Guatemalawhere you can see , learn, buy textiles and handicrafts made by people of Mayan culture. The experience in this place begins with the completion of a tour through the museum, where the Mayan customs and textiles are exposed in a typical atmosphere. The tour is conducted with the instructions of a bilingual guide, starting with the basic view of instruments used for manual preparation of wires used in looms according to the size of the tissue. You can also look clay utensils, these are related with the mayan culture and were used as pots, griddles, grinding stones and other traditional instruments. In this place there are many things to learn, without any doubt this is a visit that should be on your plans.

Museum and Cultural Center La Azotea:

Museo de Música Maya en la Azotea Antigua Guatemala_Around_Antigua

This complex is open on Monday through Friday from 8:30 to 16:30, Saturdays from 8:30 to 14:00, closed on Sunday’s. It offers a free shuttle minibus from the Central Park of Antigua Guatemala departing every hour. La Azotea Museum is located in Jocotenango. You have to drive to the church located in the Central Park of Jocotenango, right in front of it is the Calle del Cementerio that leads directly to the museum entrance. Known as Museum Café or La Azotea, this museum is a complete cultural center, consisting in exhibitions, tastings, souvenirs and videos, here you can enjoy a tour to the farm so you can get to know the coffee process.
This place has 3 attractions:

  • The Coffee Museum and Nature Trail
  • Rincón Sacatepéquez
  • Kojom house.

Coffee Museum:
It is the main attraction of La Azotea and takes visitors on a walk through time from the first harvest of coffee in La Antigua Guatemala.
Rincón Sacatepéquez:
It shows a variety of full-scale representations of everyday life, coexistence and cultural traditions in the region.
House Kojom:
Specific area for exhibition of traditional musical instruments of the region. On the tour you can see performances of musicians and dancers of folk dances and Moors with their outfits, such as masks and layers.


Art Colonial Museum:

Museo de Arte colonial en Antigua Guatemala_Around_Antigua_Guatemala

Travelers can not miss the opportunity to visit this building and walk through its corridors which brings you immediately to the memory of how was the academic activity and student life to those who attended the University of San Carlos of Guatemala. The building itself is an expression of art and in their classrooms is exhibited a collection of artistry from the sixteenth to the eighteenth, between pieces you can find large paintings exceeding the 2 meters wide and even the size of a carriage of the era.

This building was established as a museum in 1936 with the support from the Office of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. Open from Tuesday to Sunday from 9:00 to 16:00 hours. It allows taking pictures except in the area of exhibition of paintings.

Jade Museum:


Jade was a rare and valuable material in Mesoamerica and in the pre-Columbian cultures, the only place where they could get this rock was in Guatemala. Jade was largely a good elite, usually takes the form of symbolic figures. This museum opened in 1974 in Antigua Guatemala to show unique collection pieces. As well as replicas of Mayan art created by skilled craftsmen.

Panza Verde Gallery:

Galeria Panza verde en Antigua Guatemala_Around_Antigua_Guatemala

Panza Verde Gallery is pleased to present and support the work of renowned Guatemalan artists and artists of international recognition. Previous exhibitions have included works by world famous photographers: Luis Gonzalez Palma, Julio Zadik and Daniel Chauche. The second Wednesday of each month have an opening for featured artists, 5-7 pm.

Also you can visit:

Museos y Galerias en Antigua Guatemala_Around_Antigua_Guatemala
Centro de Arte Popular.                           La Rosa de Cristal.