Come and visit!!!!

After study the basic spanish at Academia de Español Continental and you can communicate with the people from Guatemala, is the time to use  spanish skills that you learned in our school  for traveling around our country and we  suggest you some  natural places wonderful for you to relax.

For centuries, hot springs have been revered around the world for their healing powers.  And all of us who have ever hoisted a large backpack onto to our shoulders and wandered into a reign lad know how well-needed this kind of repose can be.  Luckily, Guatemala´s  geothermal activity offers us some great hot springs, including one of the most famous: Las Fuentes Georginas.  There Las Fuentes Georginasyou´ll find a beautiful hot spring pools beautifully tucked in a lush canyon in Zunil, department of Quetzaltenango.  It´s an easy day trip from the city of Quetzaltenango and definitely a worthwhile and affordable indulgence.