Regular Spanish -ar verbs

Academia de Español Continental want to share you some regular verbs endings in ar.

These are very important for you and will be very useful in your spanish skills.

amar        to love                                      hablar           to speak, talk

andar       to walk                                     llegar            to arrive

bailar       to dance                                  llevar            to  wear, carry

buscar       to look for, search for              mirar             to watch, look at

caminar     to walk                                    pagar             to pay (for)

cantar       to sing                                    practicar        to practice

comprar     to buy                                    preparar         to prepare

entrar (en)  to enter (into)                       tocar              to touch, play (an instrument)

escuchar     to listen (to)                          tomar            to take

esperar       to hope, wait (for)                 trabajar         to work

estudiar       to study