Sea Turtles & Monterrico

After studying Spanish at Academia de Español Contininental  on weekdays  you can enjoy your weekend in Monterrico.

Monterrico is a small coastal town located on an island with the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Canal de Chiquimulilla and mangrove swamps on the other.  The beaches here are known for their black sand, powerful waves and currents, ama

Monterrico, Guatemala

Monterrico beach

zing sunsets, and are the nesting ground of three endangered species of sea turtles.  The sea turtle nesting season is from July to December, when the turtles craw out of the surf and lay their eggs in shallow nests in the sand.  The eggs of the sea turtles are thought to be an aphrodisiac by some locals, and unfortunately are still harvested and eaten despite the endangered status of the animals.  Efforts, however, are being made to change this custom and protect the turtles.  While you´re in Monterrico, walk a few minutes east along the beach from the center of town to visit the hatchery Tortugario Monterrico.