The October Revolution

Academia de Español Continental think that is important that all our students also learn a little about our Guatemala history too and for this reason we would like to share this information.

Guatemalan society has had some stellar moments in which it has been possible to gaze beyond the horizon, away from the hardship of everyday life, and envision something better.  One such moment was the October Revolution of 1944, a historical moment that marked the lives of the people of Guatemala.

In 1944, General Jorge Ubico´s thirteen-year dictatorship (1931-44) of Guatemala was overthrown by the October Revolutionaries, a group of Guatemalan nationalists – politically dissident military officers, university students and middle-class liberal professionals – who felt politically empowered by the almost simultaneous revolutions that had deposed dictorships in Venezuela

On October 20, 1944 an armed uprisisng took place in Guatemala city. A small group of soldiers and students led by Jacobo Arbenz (who would later become president in 1951) and Major Francisco Arana attacked the National Palace, in what would later become known as the “October Revolution” General Ponce was defeated and driven into exile, and Arbenz, Arana, and a lawyer name Jorge Toriello established a junta and declared that they would hold democratic elections before the end of the year.