Typical of some departments of Guatemala meals

In Guatemala each department has its own characteristics and its climate, the language in which they communicate, their cultures and traditions; and the diversity demonstrated in each department with a plate or typical food that characterizes it. Then dishes from some departments are presented.
1. Guatemala
The department of Guatemala is characterized by corn gruel, tamales chipilín, the chuchitos and toast. The chuchitos are prepared from corn dough, which contains a filler that can be beef or pork, and eaten with a sauce or tomato message.
2. Sacatepéquez
Sacatepéquez, Guatemala adjoining apartment, has among its main dishes mole, chiles rellenos and pepián. Pepián was declared intangible heritage of the nation by the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Guatemala. This dish is combined with Arabic ingredients like sesame, and may be red or black and is considered one of the most delicious dishes of the country, which is accompanied by rice, white omelet or tamalito.
3. Chimaltenango
The chilaquilas of güisquil and subanik are the main dishes of the department of Chimaltenango. Subanik, it is one of the oldest dishes of Guatemala, because its development dates back to the 1700s, where he served on special occasions and royal families or wealthy and features that can be Combine with a variety of meats and for their key ingredients like the blade of Mashan and chilies.
4. Quetzaltenango
This department is recognized by the paches, tamales rice, donuts and fruit broth. Fritters appear in Guatemalan cuisine since the late nineteenth century. They are characterized by fritters served with warm honey, it is why are characteristic of the cold season.
5. Sololá
Sololá department primarily known for the spectacular Lake Atitlan, has as main courses, the pulik of chicken, pig’s head rolled, watercress to chirmol and stew with potatoes. The pulik chicken can also be beef, it is a dish best served in special celebrations such as child run every January 6 and the celebration of Epiphany.
6. Quiché
Quiché is characterized by boxboles, saucer that was originally from Baja Verapaz. Also, there is the chicken tamales apazote and white, accompanied chilacayote water.
7. Huehuetenango
Huehuetenango is characterized by pepián hen, huehueteco Jocón Chojín and chicken, but can also be found in this department corn gruel, tamales and torrejas chipilín. The Chojín huehueteco is a modified style to the department saucer, because it is the pico de gallo but adds radish and chopped rinds.
8. Totonicapan
Chambray tamales, beans broth and pig trotter in chirmol are the main dishes of this department. The tamalito chambray, which in its Nahuatl name meaning wrapped is a food whose main ingredient is corn, but in this particular tamale has the sweet variant of the scrim, and decorated with raisins, so it is a sweet tamale.
9. Petén
Peten, the largest in area department, and place of the majestic city of Tikal, is known for Peten tamales or tamales peteneros, muffins or scones Chaya Peten, fish Petenero and palm hearts. Peteneros tamales are characterized by soft dough made with corn, pork, tomatoes, habanero and sweet chili what makes it special department.
10. Izabal
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Izabal department known for its Garifuna people, is also known for excellent cuisine. Among the most popular dishes is the coat, which is a mixed seafood soup with bananas and a unique flavor that gives the coconut milk, among many other ingredients. However, one of the most widely used ingredients in this department is the coconut. It is used in the covered, in the form of milk, but in two of its most popular dishes is one of the most important elements. To start, coconut bread is made with this delicious fruit and rice with beans (rice and beans) are also flavored with coconut, giving it a unique flavor characteristic of this region.
11. Alta Verapaz
This department is known for the famous Kak`Ik, consisting of a soup made mainly of turkey or turkey as it is known in the region and a variety of species, among which is the dried chili and achiote. Serve with white rice. Also, this department is the famous Chile Cobanero.
12. Baja Verapaz
Baja Verapaz has among its typical foods belly, lint, white beans and rice with celery. The first two dishes are a type of meat that can be prepared in different ways; even the belly can be eaten as ceviche. As for the sweet, donuts can be found in this department.