Virgin of Guadalupe unites the Catholic faith in Guatemala

Every December, the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe receives a large crowd that comes to venerate the Morena Virgin. However, many times he does not know the historical details and artistic elements of the temple.

The first sanctuary was inaugurated on December 9, 1793, according to a plate placed on the occasion of the first centenary of the construction of the previous temple, destroyed by the earthquakes of 1917-1918.

The Virgin of Guadalupe is venerated every December 12th. In Guatemala there is also an enormous devotion to the Guadalupan, which has several images that are visited in different churches.

The Guatemalan Catholic people have great fervor for the Virgin of Guadalupe, also called Queen of Hope, whose special day is December 12.

The reason for this celebration is the appearance of the Virgin on the hill of Tepeyac, in what is now Mexico City.

The religiosity towards its image, according to historians, is due to the apostle and evangelizer of America Antonio Margil de Jesus, who spread his devotion to Mesoamerica between 1676 and 1726.

Also contributing was Juan de Zumárraga, archbishop of Mexico, who introduced interest in the Virgin in that country. When he appointed Francisco Marroquín as bishop of Guatemala, in 1537, he also consecrated the diocese to the Lady of Guadalupe.

This cult for the Guadalupana was established in our country at the beginning of the 18th century, sponsored by the Creole nationalism. However, “it did not have the same effects as in Mexico, where it was a fundamental part of the construction of national identity,” says historian Aníbal Chajón.


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