Where to find books in La Antigua?

In this small but comprehensive list we’re going to let you into the secret of whereabouts you can find the new and second-hand books that could prove to be just what you need for a rainy day.

Right opposite the Parque Central, inside the Casa del Conde , you’ll find a small space dedicated to books. The majority of the books that they sell are new and talk about tourist spots, traditions and Guatemalan photography and they stock an extensive collection of books on Mayan culture and from Latin-American authors. What’s another great advantage of visiting this shop? That you can grab the book you just bought and head to any of the beautiful spaces within Café Condesa and read it while enjoying a cup of good coffee.


Nearby – almost underneath the Santa Catalina Arch – you’ll find Nim Po’t. Apart from their gigantic space dedicated to the different types of artesanías that are produced in Guatemala, you can also buy second-hand books (in different languages and from a range of genres) at a good price. If you have the time to spare, take a good look at the wide range of books that they have on offer and take a seat in one of their enormous chairs whilst you enjoy something from their little café. You can even make an order of organic vegetables that they bring down directly from their farm at Cerro San Cristobal in San Cristobal el Alto.


Another one of our favorites? Rainbow Café  One of the pioneers in Antigua of the exchange, sale and purchase of books, sometimes they have some on special offer. Buy a book, go on ahead into the restaurant and do yourself the favor of enjoying one of their desserts alongside your coffee – the brownie is our personal favorite. We’re sure that you’ll thank us for it afterwar